Make Your Creams Work For You

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Serums are superbly power packed with the purest and most unadulterated and undiluted form of active ingredients. They are formulated in such a fashion that enhances its penetration into the skin layers very well. That also reflects in their price tags that cost you a bomb. But, nevertheless, these mini amber color magical potions are definitely worth the investment.

They have numerous advantages in terms of its efficiency and effectiveness over moisturizers and creams. Serums are most effective for increasing the skin firmness, speeding the cell regeneration, boosting brightness and correcting discoloration. The catch is that they won’t work very well if you use them incorrectly.

Do’s to follow for making your serums work for you:

Cleanse Your Face Thoroughly

The day long dirt and grime that clings onto your face will not allow the penetration of the serum deep into your skin layers. Better, you cleanse your face and neck area well applying the serum. This will ensure that the product does not stick to the dirt or dead skin cells on the surface and thus even the wastage of the product can be avoided.

Apply The Serum On Misty-Damp Skin

The serums or any skin related product for that matter works its wonders on damp skin. To make the skin damp or misty, you can resort to an alcohol-free toner, which provides the skin with that bit of hydration and helps the serum to glide on to your face just as easily. Always pat the serum with the help of your palm into the skin, instead of rubbing it through with your fingertips.

The Thumb Rule Is ‘Less Is More’

The serums are naturally high in concentration. So, the rule to follow just takes a tiny amount of product, say a few drops or pea sized of the serum amount is just sufficient. Anything more will only be a waste.

Always Wait After Serum Application And Then Moisturize

Always remember to wait for few minutes before rushing into applying any cream or moisturizer. Let the serum completely get absorbed into your skin and only then apply your cream. Rushing for a cream or moisturizer just after applying serum will take away the goodness of the serums

Avoid Colours And Fragrances

Avoid strong and pleasant smelling creams with nice and attractive colors to it. As these things; only hamper the effective absorption. Often, creams that are dull looking and smell just ok or not so ok are better at their jobs.

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