Livana Lift Ingredients

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What has age got to do with skin health and care? Everything. With age our skin cells lose their ability to repair and replicate themselves. This process is called senescence and is the basis of aging of skin. Senescence is irreversible and only deteriorates as we age. Loss of collagen production and fat layer are the major causes of decline in skin health. Collagen is responsible for skin cell repair and regeneration, thus maintaining texture, luster, suppleness and firmness of our skin. Skincare products like Livana Lift are required to boost collagen in the skin.

After we cross 20 years of age, collagen production drops 1% every year and this rate increases after 40 years of age. With time, collagen deficiency affects our skin and makes it dry, thin and fragile. This result in formation of wrinkles, lines and scaly skin, making it vulnerable to easy bruising and other forms of damages. Without firmness, skin easily falls prey to ill-effects of gravity, making it sag near chin, neck and other parts of our face.

Livana Lift is specifically designed using a powerful and unique formula that comprises of a combination of high-end ingredients which include Trylagen, Argireline, Lipogard, GluCare S, and Pentavitin.

Livana Lift Ingredients

  • Trylagen
    Trylagen is an advanced form of peptide which boosts the collagen production in the skin cells. It can control the uniformity of collagen production and ensure the correct organization of the collagen network. This ingredient in Livana Lift protects collagen from degradation and glycation which is a characteristic of aged skin. It also helps maintain our collagen quantity and quality, and this is macroscopically translated in a significant anti-wrinkle effect.
  • Argireline
    This ingredient is a form peptide which is nothing but short chained amino acids. With help from Argireline in Livana Lift, it is able to help reduce force on facial muscles. This reduces fine lines and smoothes wrinkles. It is also known as a substitute for Botox. This ingredient not only helps reduce existing wrinkles but prevents the occurrence of wrinkles by increasing collagen production in the skin.
  • Lipogard
    Lipogard is a mixture of Vitamin E and antioxidants. It helps restores the barrier of the skin cells.  This makes the skin look and feels firmer, softer and well toned. Lipogard strengthens the skin cell by increasing collagen production on a cellular level and prevents its degradation. As it contains antioxidants, free radicals caused by exposure of the skin to UV rays and harmful pollutants, are eliminated. This prevents premature skin aging.
  • GluCare S
    A yeast derived nutrient like GluCare S is very effective and does not cause any side effects to the skin. It provides skin with necessary tools to repair itself naturally. It keeps the natural defense system of the skin active even after the increase in age or exposure to harmful environmental pollutants.
  • Pentavitin
    Dry skin is the major cause of skin aging. Even if we are able to provide it with enough moisture, the skin should be able to protect it. Pentavitin in Livana Lift is very effective moisturizer and functions under very severe conditions. It reduces dryness and irritation of the skin.

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