10 Easy Skin Care Tips For Long Lasting Wonderful Skin

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  1. The first and most important task of the day is to ensure to cleanse your skin every morning. It is important that you remove your makeup and clean your skin before going to bed. This enables the skin to perform its crucial protective and rejuvenation functions.
  2. It is a better option to exfoliate the skin at night rather than the daytime. This helps the skin throughout the night as it is in renewal mode and removal of the dead skin prior to bedtime improves the skin’s function. Exfoliation should be always being done in a gentle manner.
  3. Wear UV sun protection lotion every single day of the year. Just because it is winters do not refrain from using the sun screen. It should be included during the winter days. UV rays are around us constantly throughout the year.
  4. An antioxidant serum or cream with sunblock should be used as an application on the skin and this also protects the skin during the daytime.
  5. Make use of a good moisturizer at all times. This allows keeping your skin hydrated and well nourished at all times.

  1. Your entire day should comprise of at least 7-8 glasses of water. Drink plenty of water to also stay hydrated internally.
  2. Make use of a rich body cream twice daily for healthy, hydrated skin.
  3. Eat a healthy, colorful high-fiber diet that increases internal alkalinity.
  4. Keep a good set of facial wipes handy at all times. In case you are too tired to wash your face and do the whole face cleansing routine, you can use facial wipes instead and clean your skin before bedtime.
  5. If you face an acne problem, then you can try using an acne-specific face wash in the morning and think about seeing your dermatologist for those stubborn spots.

The above mentioned 10 points are some easy remedies that can help you age gracefully. However, there is a cream that is available in the online market and helps to fight the signs of aging effectively and highly recommended by dermatologists too. This is Livana Lift. Livana Lift helps to boost your collagen production right at the cellular levels and gives you an ever youthful and ever glowing skin.

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